5 Questions with… Steve Smith


Steve Smith is the Chief Digital Officer at AccuWeather’s where he specializes in advertising and subscription based products. As well as, overseeing business development initiatives with various global partners. Products range from browser-based, mobile web, mobile apps and various connected-devices.

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5 Questions with… Manu Mathew

Manu Matthew

Manu Mathew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Visual IQ, where he is responsible for directing the company’s growth and expanding the capabilities of the company’s IQ Intelligence Suite of cross channel marketing attribution software products.

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Digital Marketing and CIO / CMO Relationships


Relationships between IT and marketing are a perennial source of interest, analysis, and concern. With the growth of technology budgets inside marketing, the impact on IT and the CIO is undeniable.

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Kevin Spacey: An Interview on the Shifts in Storytelling


“They may call themselves marketers, and I call myself an actor, but at the end of the day, we’re all trying to do the same thing and that is reach an audience and tell a story.”

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5 Questions With… David Taub


David Taub is the President / East Region at R2i, a digital agency headquartered in Baltimore.

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5 Questions With… Jeff Kaplan


Jeff Kaplan is a globally recognized technology industry analyst and founder of Cloud Showplace, a directory of 2,000+ cloud companies. He is hosting the Connected Cloud Summit at the State Room in Boston on September 18.

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Chief digital officer vs. chief data officer: Who will win the day?


Longevity notwithstanding, neither title is tasked with a simple agenda. But for the digital officer, the tasks at hand are crystalized and better appreciated outside IT circles.

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Marketing And Technology Converge In The C-Suite: The Chief Digital Officer


Gartner predicts that some 25 percent of businesses will have a CDO by 2015. Often times, it’s an organic development- some 70 percent of CMOs report that they already have a chief marketing technologist who reports to them, and they admit they’d be lost without their expertise and support.

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5 Questions With… George Corugedo

George Corugedo

George Corugedo is the Co-Founder and CTO at RedPoint Global. George is responsible for leading the development of the RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform.

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5 Questions With… Adam Cahill

Adam Cahill

Adam Cahill is the Chief Digital Officer at Hill Holliday, where he is responsible for identifying emerging trends, encouraging innovation among clients, and helping foster success in the adtech start-up community.

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These 5 Dynamic Duos Are Nailing Digital Marketing Winning CMO-exec pairings at GE, Taco Bell, Walmart, Dell and Levi’s


In this era of constant disruption—brought on in part by 24/7 communication—that digital/social executive is as essential as an arm or leg—or maybe a vital organ—to keep brands on message and out of trouble.

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