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Don’t Let A Chief Digital Officer Steal The Best Part Of Your Job

Beginning of the digital era

Attention CIOs and CTOs, the best part of your job is under attack. If you don’t get ahead of the trend toward the Chief Digital Officer role, your job may become a technology backwater, which is never what you had in mind.

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Mobile App Best Practice: Design & Build Multiple On- and Off-Ramps


Why aren’t more people using your app? It’s well-designed, works as expected, and is a critical part of your marketing and customer service strategy.

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The Chief Digital Officer Landscape


While the CDO role is most prevalent in media and advertising, the sector where it is having the most gains is retail, with Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, etc. leading the way in carving out a role for a senior executive devoted to owning and innovating on the digital customer experience.

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Chief Digital Officer (CDO): Are CIOs ready for transformation?


In some organizations, if CIOs are not ready to accept the pivotal role of CDOs, CMOs take up the additional task.

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Directing Digital Innovation at PepsiCo


Rather than just collecting ideas across the organization and “letting a thousand flowers bloom,” top-performing companies such as PepsiCo direct their digital-innovation efforts at the areas of greatest impact and business priority.

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The chief confused officer


Question is: As a CIO, CDO, CMO, CKO, CISO, CFO or CEO, are you able to delineate the respective accountabilities for cost, risk, value and governance over the spectrum of tasks required to support your organisation’s increasingly fragmented and federated IT footprint?

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The rise of the CMO-CTO partnership


When their marketing and tech officers join forces, companies can capitalise on the opportunities that new technologies offer.

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Infuse ‘data-informed thinking’ into the culture: Harvard chief digital officer


I see the Chief Digital Officer role as a catalytic role to help large organizations think about ways that digital technology disrupts services like marketing communications, engagement as well as some of the core business functions.

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Do Organizations of the Future Really Need a Chief Digital Officer?


Charging a single person with executing a digital strategy for the future could be a step in the wrong direction.

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A Recap of CDO’s Marketing Automation Workshop in Boston


Natalie Staines of R2i — one of the sponsors of our recent Navigating Marketing Automation workshop in Boston — penned the following coverage of the event, and graciously allowed us to reprint the piece in entirety on Thanks to Natalie and R2i for your support.

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Rethinking Strategy for an Age of Digital Disruption


You’ve devoted much of your career to exploring how the evolution of digital technologies is disrupting the rules of business strategy. What is the connection between technology and strategy?

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