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Six Key Steps to Building a Successful Digital Business


Organizations can move further along the path by embracing the six key steps to build a successful digital enterprise and change the game.

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Apple Deal Sheds Light on McDonald’s Digital Transformation


“We want to be very connected to innovation,” Rafiq says. “Increasingly, you’ll see McDonald’s resemble an ecommerce company.”

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A New Perspective on Digital Leadership


For Bennett, digital strategy is about pursuing a process that reinforces an organisation’s key values every time a customer engages with the bank using a digital platform.

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Kevin Spacey: An Interview on the Shifts in Storytelling


“They may call themselves marketers, and I call myself an actor, but at the end of the day, we’re all trying to do the same thing and that is reach an audience and tell a story.”

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Rethinking Strategy for an Age of Digital Disruption


An interview with Philip Evans, a BCG Fellow and senior partner in the firm’s Boston office, on how the evolution of digital technologies is disrupting the rules of business strategy.

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Creating a Digital Transformation Plan


Today, if a business doesn’t have a good quality, branded website you assume something is wrong. It’s suspicious, not quaint.

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Are Ad Agencies Keeping Pace with Marketing’s Massive Digital Uptake? (Hint: Maybe Not)


While, agencies’ digital revenues are growing and, as a percentage, these revenues are comparable to what their clients are spending on digital – the lack of substantial growth for agencies’ digital revenue is notable.

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Digital Government: Turning the Rhetoric into Reality


Many governments are already well on the way to improving digital service delivery, but there is often a gap between rhetoric and reality.

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Digital Transformation by Any Other Name?


Virtually all survey respondents (99%) believed that “Improving processes that expedite changes to digital properties, i.e. website updates new mobile or social platforms, etc.” was the most important part of their Digital Transformation efforts.

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In Pursuit of Digital Talent


The common denominator is that CIOs must step beyond a bits-and-bytes, speeds-and-feeds mentality. It’s critical to find people who see the big picture, think in creative and innovative ways, and have the skills to connect the digital dots.

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Monday’s Musings: Who Gets To Be A Chief Digital Officer?


The chief digital officer navigates digital disruption… yet the evolving lineage of the chief digital officer depends on industry.

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