5 Questions with… Steve Smith

Steve Smith is the Chief Digital Officer at AccuWeather's where he specializes in advertising and subscription based products. As well as, overseeing business development initiatives with various global partners. Products range from browser-based, mobile web, mobile apps and various connected-devices.

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Creating a Digital Transformation plan

Today, if a business doesn’t have a good quality, branded website you assume something is wrong. It’s suspicious not quaint.

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Are Ad Agencies Keeping Pace with Marketing’s Massive Digital Uptake? (Hint: Maybe Not)

While, agencies’ digital revenues are growing and, as a percentage, these revenues are comparable to what their clients are spending on digital – the lack of substantial growth for agencies’ digital revenue is notable.

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Digital Government: Turning the Rhetoric into Reality

Many governments are already well on the way to improving digital service delivery, but there is often a gap between rhetoric and reality.

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5 Questions With… Jeff Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan is a globally recognized technology industry analyst and founder of Cloud Showplace, a directory of 2,000+ cloud companies. He is hosting the Connected Cloud Summit at the State Room in Boston on September 18.

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Digital Transformation by Any Other Name?

Virtually all survey respondents (99%) believed that “Improving processes that expedite changes to digital properties, i.e. website updates new mobile or social platforms, etc.” was the most important part of their Digital Transformation efforts.

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In Pursuit of Digital Talent

The common denominator is that CIOs must step beyond a bits-and-bytes, speeds-and-feeds mentality. It’s critical to find people who see the big picture, think in creative and innovative ways, and have the skills to connect the digital dots.

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